Pregnancy to Birth

Newborns and Infants

Children and Teenagers


  • Difficulty conceiving
  • Multiple miscarriages
  • Unsuccessful IUI or IVF
  • Dysfunction in reproductive system/organs
  • Pelvic asymmetry
  • Sacral Dysfunction
  • Lymphatic congestion in pelvic region
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Ovarian cysts 
  • Scar tissue in pelvic region
  • Fascial restrictions in pelvic region

CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release can help women become pregnant after years of trying or after multiple miscarriages.  For more than 20 years, I have been working with women, mothers and children. Over these years there was something so telling about the physical and emotional releases that I repeatedly witnessed during treatment sessions with women trying to conceive. I began to wonder, “Does a woman’s body have the intelligence to know that it is “not ready” to have a child?” I believe the answer is “yes” and that CST can help the body “ready” for conception by relieving and even removing emotional and physical blocks.

Heal the Future Parent…Have a Child

Negative beliefs women hold about their body, fertility and becoming a mother can affect their ability to conceive.  In addition, past physical and emotional trauma can hinder fertility. Even women who are already mothers may have experienced trauma during pregnancy or the birthing process that can create barriers to their conceiving again.  Consider these statements from clients I’ve treated:  

— “My pelvis is so narrow there is no way I can have a baby.”

— “I had a very difficult pregnancy and delivery giving birth to my son and I’m afraid to have another child”.

— “My aunt, whom everyone says I remind them of, couldn’t have children so I won’t be able to have children either.”

— “When I was younger my friends all said I’d make an awful mom.”

— ”I’ve made some choices I’m ashamed of and I don’t deserve to have a child”

— “It’s not safe to bring a child into this world.”

By helping women connect with their inner voice, CST helps them uncover, recognize and get rid of limiting beliefs to pave the way for true healing.  Freedom from negative thoughts can help the body become emotionally “ready” to conceive, naturally or with the help of fertility treatments.  
Physically, CST can clear structural components affecting pregnancy, such as tight ligaments, scar tissue and fascial restrictions that impact the function and mobility of pelvic organs.  CST also can restore and optimize blood flow to the reproductive organs. By decongesting the pelvic cavity from cellular waste, CST helps normalize hormone levels and menstrual cycles to create better conditions for pregnancy.  Once pregnant, CST can enhance the womb’s ability to sustain the embryo’s development to full-term.  

Julie: “I started seeing Peggy for mild back pain.  In a session, it came up that I was concerned about having children as I had a family history.  I ended up seeing her throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. Her work helped me to have a healthy, beautiful pregnancy.  She helped to clear the channels I had blocked emotionally and stored physically in my body about conceiving, pregnancy, and children.” 

Tammy: “I had a pituitary adenoma making conception difficult, but Peggy offered a gentle, non-pharmacological and holistic alternative to help us have our first child.” 

Kathleen: “It only took one session with Peggy to help me get “unstuck.”  She gave me some very useful tools to continually connect my body and emotions.  Peggy is kind, compassionate and am amazing listener! The healing I experienced in that one visit was priceless.

Pregnancy through Birth

  • Conditions related to pregnancy and their effects on mother and developing fetus
  • Stress and Tension Related Problems
  • Emotional Difficulties
  • Fatigue
  • Neck, Back and Joint Pain
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Breech: Helping baby turn
The wisdom of an embryo and fetus is as intelligent as that of an adult. CranioSacral Therapy during pregnancy focuses on supporting both mother and baby, as individuals and as a unit. Throughout gestation, the expectant mom and developing fetus each experience a continuum of significant physical and emotional changes. In addition, both mom and baby must prepare for birth, which is an interaction between two human beings. By facilitating communication and strengthening the bond between mom and baby while in utero, CST improves the chances of an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery.

CranioSacral Therapy focuses on locating and releasing restrictions in the body and listening intently to your inner voice. During pregnancy there are two inner voices to hear: the mother’s, and the developing baby’s, whose voice is softer but equally important and informative. Listening to both voices can help locate, uncover and resolve not only emotional conditions during pregnancy but also physical restrictions. Listening to the mother’s inner voice can locate and resolve back, joint and neck pain, headaches and stress-related issues. Listening to the baby’s inner voice can give mom insight on baby’s needs during development, can help baby find the optimal position before birth or help turn baby if baby is in breech position. Ultimately, listening and coordinating the inner voices of mom and baby helps ensure that both sets of needs are met during the pregnancy and delivery. It is the start of important communication between mother and child and the foundation of a beautiful bond.

Sarah:“I am sure that my work with Peggy brought me relief and healing on levels way beyond my understanding. Peggy helped me to be where I was meant to be on my journey of having my son and hopefully more children! I know that working with Peggy has helped me and my son.”

Karen:“I originally went to see Peggy at the beginning of my third trimester to help me with back pain. I discovered so much more. She helped me learn to listen to my body and to my baby. The message was very clear. I had to “slow down” and “be more flexible.” When I was able to relax into knowing and trusting, my back pain went away and I had a great third trimester and positive birth experience,”

Newborns and Infants

  • Difficulty nursing
  • Difficulty bonding
  • Cholic
  • Poor sleeping
  • Torticollis
  • Plagiocephaly
  • Trauma during birth
  • Tongue tie or lip tie before and after release
  • Developmental Delays
  • Pervasive Developmental Delay
  • Genetic Disorders
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Spina Bifida

Every newborn can benefit from CranioSacral Therapy, regardless of whether there were no complications or if there was trauma during pregnancy, birth or delivery. Working with newborns and infants offers the opportunity to learn—from the baby’s perspective—how they fared through the experience and how they are adapting to their new world. While a newborn does not have spoken language, connecting through the gentle touch of CST enables powerful unspoken communication. It is also important in the months following birth to fully incorporate and address the parents’ experiences in a way that allows them to release and resolve any negative emotional energies.

Heal the parent…Heal the child

While CST can help all newborns, it is especially effective when physical or emotional trauma is sustained–by mom or baby–at any time during the pregnancy, birth or delivery. By locating, releasing and addressing unnatural forces and energy, CST can improve both the baby’s and mom’s overall health. CST is especially helpful after C-section births or births with instruments.

CST supports a baby’s ability to self-correct and heal naturally. CST promotes a healthy Central Nervous System by optimizing the circulation of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. By releasing restrictions, CST brings movement to the cranial bones, cranial membranes, fascia, and tissue across the body to promote healing. In fact, it is with newborns and infants–whose restrictions have not been present for long and whose nervous systems are still developing–that CST can deliver the most rapid and profound results.

Since CranioSacral Therapy can affect the fluid dynamics and functioning of the entire body, there can be a wide-range of positive health outcomes for newborns and infants. Here are some examples/common applications from my practice:

–By mobilizing the mouth, tongue, throat and neck musculature, CST can facilitate nursing.

–CST can release tightness in the neck and mouth muscles to support lip and tongue ties before surgical release.

–After lip or tongue tie repair, CST further supports healing and nursing by alleviating tightness and helping the baby gain full range of its tongue motion.

–CST can help with colic and reflux by releasing restrictions in the base of the skull to relieve irritation to specific nerves that directly impact digestion.

–By releasing physical and/or emotional tensions, CST can improve the baby’s sleep patterns and relaxation.

–CST can alleviate chronic ear infections by releasing restrictions in the cranial bones in the ear, eye and mouth, and base of the skull.

Erin: “My pregnancy, delivery and birth were not easy for me or for my son. Peggy was able to help us each release the trauma we experienced and opened the doorway for us to bond. Almost instantly he began to nurse better. I am forever grateful”

Steph: “Our daughter had tight neck muscles and only turned her head to look to the right. Peggy was able to help loosen the muscles with the gentle approach of CranioSacral Therapy. She also taught my husband and I some hands on skills and provided a thorough home exercise program to encourage and strengthen our daughter’s ability to turn her head and look left.”

Children and Teenagers

  • Developmental delays
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Abnormal muscle tone
  • Genetic Disorders
  • Ear Infections
  • Reflux
  • Digestive Problems
  • Colic
  • ADD and ADHD,
  • Seizures
  • Autism Spectrum
  • Emotional Problems
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Anxiety
  • Concussion
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Behavior Issues Delayed speech

When working with children and teens, it is important to remember how much change happens during these years. Children undergo continual development, physically, as their bodies grow, and emotionally, as their brains mature and develop. Every birthday marks a new milestone. Every school year marks new academic and social challenges. There may also be shifts in family dynamics. Regardless of the diagnosis that brings the child or teenager to seek support, CST will help them uncover, explore and release physical or emotional restrictions in their body. In addition, it will teach them skills so they, themselves, can better manage challenges that will arise during this time of intense change.

Using CST to release restrictive patterns during childhood can improve both acquired and congenital conditions. CST is especially beneficial when the conditions are due to direct or indirect trauma and dysfunction in the CranioSacral System. The goal is locating and releasing very specific restrictions. For example, children who present with hyperactive and attention disorders may have restrictions between the base of the skull and the first cervical vertebrae. Other conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism, seizure or balance disorders, delayed speech and visual disturbances may have restrictions in specific cranial bones and membranes and coronal sutures.

Working with children and teens also means working closely with their parents. Children are so connected to their parents that when the child is “off,” it is often a sign that the parent is “off” too. When appropriate, the parent may become a part of their child’s session or the parent may seek to work with me separately to do their own work, which also supports their child’s healing.

Heal the parent…Heal the child

Testimonial from a mom with a young child:

A.C.: “Peggy has been working with my son for over 6 years. My son has global developmental delay. I brought my son to Peggy to help him heal, but at the same time, she has helped me heal. She has shown me that by healing myself, I in turn heal him. My son has made tremendous progress physically and emotionally. Peggy’s outstanding skills as a practitioner and dedication to our family are the reason we have made such growth. She has helped me transform as a mom. I am incredibly grateful to have Peggy in our life. She has an amazing gift in her healing. Anyone that gets the opportunity to work with Peggy is truly blessed!”

Testimonials from mom and her teenage daughter:

V.(mom): “Peggy is a gifted healer. She provides a calm nurturing space where one can feel safe and open to the healing experience. Her ability to work with young clients is one of her many and possibly her greatest gift.
As a parent faced with a child who suffers from physical pain and has trouble expressing emotion it can be difficult to know how to help them. Peggy’s ability to tune in and uncover the root cause of my daughters pain was profound and a vital part of her healing process. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know her through the work she has done with my daughter. She is truly amazing!!!”

K.(Daughter): “Peggy is an awesome person. She has helped me a lot. She helped me feel calm and when I leave her office, I always feel better than I did before I came in. She helped me figure out what I needed to do and release my pain. I would recommend her to my friends who are stressed or not feeling good.”


  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Head Injuries
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Multiple Joint Pain
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Lyme Disease
  • TMJ Disorders
  • Sinus infections
  • Tinnitus
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Genetic Disorders

Working with adults is a beautiful journey of supporting each client as they explore a lifetime of living. All of life’s experiences are part of living and being alive. How your body, mind and soul interpret its past, present and future plays a role in your health and your ability to heal. How your body, mind and soul recovers from past physical and emotional traumas, past surgeries and other health challenges also affects healing. CranioSacral Therapy will help you uncover, explore and release physical and emotional restrictions hidden or trapped in your body that no longer serve you to clear your path for self-healing and wellness.

Healing oneself has endless potential for healing others. By clearing your path to wellness, you also provide a healing opportunity for generations, forward and backward. My adult clients often report that on their own healing journey, they also see positive shifts in various aspects of their children’s health and/or well-being. Other adult clients report positive physical and emotional changes in their parents, which aids their own healing. It is beautiful how children–of all ages–remind their parents to do their work.

Heal the parent…Heal the child

Jo-ann: “I went to Peggy looking for relief from physical pain coupled with stress and anxiety. I discovered that her healing touch reached beyond my occipital neuralgia and into my heart. Peggy taught me how to focus deep within and allow myself to connect with my spirituality and inner strength to find a peaceful balance. I had no idea how much spiritual healing and balance contributes to a healthy body and mind. It’s all connected, and Peggy helped me to make that connection.”

Lisa: “I was fortunate to be able to work with Peggy in a time in my life that was the darkest. I had made the choice to end a pregnancy to save my own life and my children’s on an emotional level and quite possible, a physical level. She held the warmest, most compassionate, open-ended space for me to process the shame and grief I was consumed by. Through her creative and profound abilities as a healer, I was able to access compassion for myself and release the emotions that I needed to, in order to love myself fully. Working with Peggy changed my life!”

Janice: “I remember during one session I came in with a headache which I hadn’t spoken about. After you tuned in to listen to what my body needed, you went and cradled the exact place where I had been suffering with the headache and trying to ignore it. You supported me to get in touch with the emotional roots behind this headache. When you helped me release the emotional energy I was holding in my head, not only did the headache get cured immediately, but I saw the person who was triggering the headache in a less fearful way. I saw my colleague’s face soften and we seemed to coexist in the workplace in a pleasant way. “