Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard

Anne Sexton

WHAT IS CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY:  What to expect from a CST session

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a light touch approach that enhances the functioning of the membranes and fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord.  The brain and spinal cord are the key organs of the central nervous system—often considered the “command center” of the whole body. As the command center, the brain and spinal cord have significant influence over every other major body system and function.  Having a healthier functioning CranioSacral System leads to a healthier you.

CranioSacral Therapy helps restore balance by releasing restrictions in the body caused by trauma. Trauma can be the result of a physical injury or an emotional injury or both.  Trauma can be big or small.  It may have occurred recently or at any age or stage of life, even in utero.   Trauma is often unrecognized or forgotten by one’s conscious mind, but it is never forgotten by the body’s cells and tissue, which remember and store everything. This unresolved, stored energy can negatively and dramatically impact the CranioSacral System, leading to pain, dysfunction, even disease.  CST helps locate and release restrictions caused by trauma to improve whole-body health and performance.

While I treat many ailments that are physical in nature—from orthopedic problems to chronic pain to motor-coordination impairments—I am often also called upon to support my clients to release emotional trauma held in the body, which is called a SomatoEmotional Release.  In fact, It is my ability to support clients to locate, process and release stored emotional energy that has become my expertise and focus.

The famous line from the film Field of Dreams, “If you build it they will come,” rings true for me. Since I began my practice 11 years ago, I have found that while clients initially seek my help for a physical injury, an unrecognized emotional trauma inevitably emerges as an equal or even bigger impediment to their health and well-being.  And uncovering and unraveling emotional trauma becomes the expanded focus of our work.

Just like untangling a necklace or rope, the work involves unraveling restrictions in the body–one by one, and in the order they present.  SomatoEmotional Release work pays acute attention to your “Inner Voice,” which has different meanings to different folk–for some it is a higher power, for others, it is a “gut” feeling.    The visceral reactions we feel in our body that have led to such familiar saying as “It took my breath away” or “My stomach just dropped” or “My heart just leaped for joy” or “My skin is crawling” are examples of our inner voice speaking to us.

During a CST session, I will use a gentle touch to quiet your body so that we can “listen” to what your Inner Voice is trying to communicate.  It is through my hands that I will be listening for cues that help me locate restrictions: the parts of your body that need attention have more activity, which are easy for me to find.   Our goal will be not only to detect but to correct for these restrictions by releasing the negative energy that is being stored there. I will gently hold this area. Sometimes the release is physical and you will feel heat or you will feel your muscles twitch or relax as the energy from the injury, trauma or disease process leaves the cells and tissue of your body.  Sometimes the release is emotional, allowing you to experience the emotions felt from that unresolved trauma.

Following your Inner Voice through interactions involving both touch and talk, together we will uncover a step-by-step “Recipe for Wellness” that is unique to you, and that you will be able to return to time-and-again for self-healing.  Best of all, you will learn how to listen to your Inner Voice so you can continue to develop and hone your recipe.  This is, in fact, the greatest gift I offer my clients, and it also is my greatest reward: I seek to give you the skills, along with a personalized roadmap, so you can heal yourself going forward.

J.L.: “Peggy is an extraordinarily gifted & talented CranioSacral Therapist & has made my healing journey wonderful. Using care & sensitivity, she has taught me how to tune in to get the messages from my own inner healer. Peggy has facilitated & guided me through many stages of healing and each session has its own unique & powerful lessons. She taught me to raise my vibration, inspired me to continue my journey & be open to listening to the wisdom of my own heart.”