Chrysa Cheria 


My hands are not much to look at.  In fact, even when I was young, they looked like the hands of a grandmother.  Still, my mother, whose native tongue is Greek, always called my hands “Chrysa Cheria,” translated as Hands of Gold.

I always considered this the highest compliment. It inspired me and gave me hope that I could help make a difference in people’s lives.  In Greek culture, gold decorates our churches and adorns our houses. Gold represents light from heaven and symbolizes our faith. Gold reflects power and purity. There is nothing stronger or mightier than gold.

What my mother meant, and what I’ve always known, is that my inner strength–my loving and compassionate heart and soul–flows through my hands.  An added blessing is that I recognized my gift of giving through my hands at a very young age. My hands are the tools of my trade: they are the focus not only of my training but also of my good intentions and passion to help others and facilitate healing.

My philosophy in life is to realize the gift you have been given and to share it with others.  My hope is that as I continue to walk my path and share my gift, I can help others to realize their gift and walk their path confidently.

I called my practice “The Touch of Sunshine” because, when you feel better, it’s like sunshine.  It is hopeful, joyful, promising and comforting. All these adjectives have a positive energy and high vibration that extend healing beyond the session.  My goal and hope is that I leave every single patient with “The Touch of Sunshine.”

Allen: “Peggy’s hands communicate unconditional permission and acceptance”

Beth: “What words could convey the spiritually powerful events that occur in your sacred space with your gifted hands of healing.  You have given your time, energy, attention, focused intention, education and put yourself (mind, body & spirit) wholeheartedly into this work for others.”

Janice: “From your divine soul’s wisdom, I believe you aim to help heal one person at a time to make this a better planet.  People who need comfort should be aware of what your CranioSacral Therapy sessions offer and how successful you are at bringing comfort and healing.”